Thursday, October 2, 2008

Felt Nirvana.

no....i havent felt nirvana...i have reached "felt" nirvana. Yes....felt.

Bailey ans I started on a project recently....we came by some VERY cheap felt in the craft section of a local store and couldent pass up the bargain.....well...

what do you make with tons of felt?

Felt monsters , of course.

We actually really had fun with this...

they arent perfect but...

arent they darling...for monsters anyway.

Now that I have reached and experienced felt nirvana...

I am spiraling into felt loathing.

and I dont think I can finish the other three without going insane.

Oh,....heres some ramdom cuteness for ya..

Also.....thanks Herb of Grace for quoting me as your "blog quote of the day" How flattering!


Herb of Grace said...

I LOVE the felt monsters! A tip (if you're interested): you can stick into the stuffing a bell, or two bottle caps glued together with beads inside, or any other noisy thing, to transform your monsters into a fascinating baby toy :) It was Sofi's brain child and she calls them "Stuffies". Got any baby showers to attend around Halloween?? :)

The Cranberry Paper said...

Thats a fantastic idea!! I actually dont have any babyshowers :( But next time I do...there probably getting a felt monster ....and probably a gift card to make up for my shot at creativity gone bad :)

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