Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well the remnants of Fay are hitting us pretty hard here in old southside virginny. I think my little plasticy rain guage things says 3 inches so far in the last 48 hours.I am glad plants were dying. Though I am pretty sure If Iwanted to..I could kayak down my street.

So I went grocery shopping yesterday....and get this. I honestly was speechless...IF ANYONE has the words I should have used in this situation ...PLEASE tell me.

I was in walmart behind an elderly guess is maybe 65 or 70?? I dunno.

In this scenario I will refer to her as EW (elderly woman)

EW: What a cute baby!
me: Thanks!
EW: How old...?
me: 10 months.
EW: Ohh Are you going to have any more?
me: I doubt it,..not anytime soon anyway..
EW: Good ...we have too many unwed teenage mothers anyway. It would be irresponsible of you to do it again. Our tax dollars could be spent elsewhere.

Excuse me?

um...WHAT did you just say?

I was screaming in my head. Really ....And having these mind shots full of carnage involving old women and shopping carts.

Was I asked If I was married? Or Divorced? Or A teenager?OR ON welfare for petes sake!?!?


and boy the looks you can get in a walmart line...I tell ya.
And I didnt even respond...I was like...*duh duh duh*

*pulls at hair*

What would YOU have done?
Could she not see the ring on my finger? hello! *bling bling*
Did I Look like i was about to pay with food stamps!?

*frustrated sigh*

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My dryer is coming!

Im actually tracking it thru Fed-Ex while the baby is sleeping! Its in salem right now!! But it should be here in a few hours! Im so Thrilled! I will be able to process color in 1/3 the time of normal!!

I also have the splendiferous chore of grocery shopping this after noon....
Ive managed to budget to the point where we can eat fairly healthy and well for aboour 40 bucks a week. That makes me happy.

Ok...ta-daaaa for todays post. least there is one.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Inconsistant Again!

Surprise, Surprise! How many of you guessed that even after my whole hearted attempt to blog on a regular basis...that I would fail miserably. *Hands pop up in the crowd.* Good job! Pick up a complementary Ink pen or rubber jar opener gripper thing on youre way out.
Things have been so busy that I just havent had the really.

I am thrilled to announce the grand opening of my salon in my home though...
I am so happy to be getting back into it...and still be at home with the booger.
I am now just waiting on my shampoo sink to be delivered at the end of this week and I am all set!! I got a big shipment of hair color in at the beginning of the sort of freaked me out how excited I got over it :-/.....Anyway....If those of you readers who dont live cross country need a haircut or know who to call...and you wont even have to sit in my kitchen :)

Well...Im off...who knows how long it will be before I write again....but who knows. I may surprise you.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Here's a few random pictures of the baby....and todays origami creation. Theres Bailey there at Ihop...gumming on a creamer container :) and...also shes pulling up now! ( Dont you just love those pink jeans??) And also...a paper dress :-s
Sleep Saga.
So lately were coming to the point that we HAVE to have sleep. Yes, nine months of continuous sleep depravity does strange things to a person. Mysterious dark circles..headaches..hallucinations...(ok not really but almost ) Anyway...we are officially putting Bailey in bed at 9:00 and not picking her up untill 6:00. And she dosent like it one bit. Ever since she was born she has been rocked, nursed, bounced, and generally jostled about to get to sleep. No more. And shes been taking it pretty rough untill recently. She went to sleep in a record 2 min. last night with minimal crying.. and only woke once...with..a little better than minimal crying :) Anyway...I will keep you posted on how that goes and whatknot.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

'gami Crane

Aww what a cute origami crane.
For about a year now, I've had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with origami.
I saw a lady who used tiny origami buds in her wedding flowers and they were simply gorgeous! Since then Ive been trying my hand at it...with pretty much no avail...but its still fun! And its pretty cool what you can make from a square of paper...

New Blog.

Yay. A new blog for me! I really didnt like xanga...and therefore never used it. I hope this endevor will prove a little more...consistant.

Faith ~

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