Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crunch time!

Boy! Is the hair business booming these days. I feel like I need to lie down just thinking about it. This week has been really crazy! Perms, Cuts, Colors and this weekend a Wedding! I love doing wedding hair , as stressful as it may be...Definately an outlet for creativity. Im very excited.
Im headed to a trial run for it tonight. That should be fun. Bailey has been awesome while i've been so busy. Shes is contended to watch from her walker....providing that she can still walk around....and have some cheerios on her tray. :)


I ment to also update on the extensions I did. Sadly ....the lady didnt want her pictures on the internet I didnt push it :) But it turned out beautifully! You would never know it wasent her real hair....with is pretty cool if you ask me. She loves it and I do too.

Also...a favorite quote from someone I think is hillarious....while playing rock paper scissors.

"...then when someone claims to beat your rock with their just punch them in the face with your already clenched fist and say "oh sorry,...I thought paper would protect you..thats how you play rock paper scissors..."



Thursday, October 2, 2008

Felt Nirvana.

no....i havent felt nirvana...i have reached "felt" nirvana. Yes....felt.

Bailey ans I started on a project recently....we came by some VERY cheap felt in the craft section of a local store and couldent pass up the bargain.....well...

what do you make with tons of felt?

Felt monsters , of course.

We actually really had fun with this...

they arent perfect but...

arent they darling...for monsters anyway.

Now that I have reached and experienced felt nirvana...

I am spiraling into felt loathing.

and I dont think I can finish the other three without going insane.

Oh,....heres some ramdom cuteness for ya..

Also.....thanks Herb of Grace for quoting me as your "blog quote of the day" How flattering!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Track and Weave.

"You want me to do what? What?"

So Im getting ready to sew fake hair into my husband's aunt's head. Well...not INTO her know....that would be a bit violent.

Into her hair.

Yep...real human hair.. from a real human head. Actually the hair comes from people who donate their bodies to science. Cool huh?

So we're going to Sally Beauty Supply to buy some hair..

and braid tracks into her head...and then sew it in.

Its quite the facinating process.. I plan to take pictures.

If this works out... I am soooo gonna put in hair down to my an shorter fatter albino Cher....with morals. And no Sonny.

If youre intrested in seeing exactally how this process works...check out this site..

I am uber excited!!

I <3 hair!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What We're Doing These Days.

Been a while since I last posted...thought I would do a little updating
Bailey and I are trying harder then ever to stay busy.
We've been doing alot of book swapping at .... thanks to our dear friend "Herb of Grace" Who turned us on to that..

We're also planning a first birthday party!
I never have been into "themed kiddie parties"
So this one wont be that way...really I just want it to be a nice get together with some cake...
No hats, favors, or whatever else :-p (I dont think :) )

I've been doing alot of hair lately as well....things have really been picking up for us in that department. Which is Great!

Im also on the brink of a wedding booked for the 11th of October...Lots of bridesmaids and a bride to that will be great fun. I love weddings. And I love wedding Hair!!

I think the Hubby and I are headed to the annual "Harvest Festival" on Saturday. That should be fun...I think we are also going to a field day that the school his mom works for is having at the park...I love our park.

Well..... I know this hasent been terribly intresting..but its just a small update on how things are going.

I hope everyone out there is well and doing fine!!

Intresting post to come soon...I promise!

Friday, September 19, 2008


I ment to mention this in my last post.

today is...

National Speak Like A Pirate Day.

Well, shiver me timbers.

Silly I know...but I love "silly just because holidays."

Oddly, so does my husband. I KNEW i married him for a good reason.

I got him an eyepatch from the holloween section today at walmart.

So...make a point to say something in pirate speak today, my friends....lest ye walk the plank.

yo ho ho....

Things to do?

Hi all...
heres an update for ya's.
I have been terribly sick for the last 4 or so days....Im beginning to feel a bit better but still have that terrible sinus throb behind my eyes. ughh.

Bailey has suddenly went from not talking at all to an extensove vocabulary!

It includes:

'ight (light)
hi hi hi hi (hi)
behbeh (baby)
no no no no (no)
da da (daddy)


its cooler than i though it would be to hear her little voice for the first time..though she sounds strangely like a wizard of oz munchkin.

So what did or do you moms who stay at home with their babies do all day???
I guiltily say that I get board. Dont get me wrong. I make evey effort to keep a spotless house...and i spend a TON of time teaching and training Bailey. But some days...after ive woken up at 5:30...the house looks great...dishes are clean....laundry is folded..and Im sitting in the floor doing things with the baby and i only 11:30.
Generally my husband dosent even get home till 7:00 by the time it rolls around I find myself struggeling to be in a good mood...

What do you guys do to stay busy with a 11 month old?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gas in Virginia...

My oh my. I just find it so funny to watch ignorant (nice word for morons) people. Here is VA apparently we had the potential to have a small gas crisis because of the pipeline being shutdown from friday to order to avoid major damage from Ike. Well. Gas distributors here were instructed to hike the price of gas SLIGHTLY to deter people from buying alot over the weekend....that way we could ride it out and not have a gas shortage over the weekend. WELL apparently the good citizens of VA heard otherwise and freaked out.

SO much so that ALL of the 3.77 gas has been completely bought up....and when we do get more gas in our county...which could be several days maybe will cost us more than 5.00 a gallon. Heh. Ironic huh..

Theres actually already a place in town thats selling it for that much...they hiked wayyy up on perpose to stop all of their gas from being drained.

They are now just about the only ones with any gas to speak of.

At every gas station I passed yesterday there were cars hanging out into the highways in line for gas. It was being rationed to 10 gallons per person. The wait was 1 hour.

I would love to hear "unambiguously J's " comment on this...also herb of this happening up there???

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