Friday, September 19, 2008

Things to do?

Hi all...
heres an update for ya's.
I have been terribly sick for the last 4 or so days....Im beginning to feel a bit better but still have that terrible sinus throb behind my eyes. ughh.

Bailey has suddenly went from not talking at all to an extensove vocabulary!

It includes:

'ight (light)
hi hi hi hi (hi)
behbeh (baby)
no no no no (no)
da da (daddy)


its cooler than i though it would be to hear her little voice for the first time..though she sounds strangely like a wizard of oz munchkin.

So what did or do you moms who stay at home with their babies do all day???
I guiltily say that I get board. Dont get me wrong. I make evey effort to keep a spotless house...and i spend a TON of time teaching and training Bailey. But some days...after ive woken up at 5:30...the house looks great...dishes are clean....laundry is folded..and Im sitting in the floor doing things with the baby and i only 11:30.
Generally my husband dosent even get home till 7:00 by the time it rolls around I find myself struggeling to be in a good mood...

What do you guys do to stay busy with a 11 month old?


Herb of Grace said...

Oh man, I feel your pain! I remember those days well...

Here are some things that might help fill in the hours and will still include Bailey (which is the hardest thing):

gardening (flowers or veggies)
sewing/crafting (you can give her some odds and ends to "sew" with or stickers or crayons)
library! (ours has a great kid's section with tons of "new-to-us" toys that Judah looooves)
lots of baking
join a MOPS group(Or some other mommies-with-young-kids group-- this is really important. Young mothers need lots of fellowship and support. It's not an easy job you're doing, although very important and noble :) Here's a link where you can find out more about MOPS: )

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