Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Track and Weave.

"You want me to do what?...to What?"

So Im getting ready to sew fake hair into my husband's aunt's head. Well...not INTO her head....you know....that would be a bit violent.

Into her hair.

Yep...real human hair.. from a real human head. Actually the hair comes from people who donate their bodies to science. Cool huh?

So we're going to Sally Beauty Supply to buy some hair..

and braid tracks into her head...and then sew it in.

Its quite the facinating process.. I plan to take pictures.

If this works out... I am soooo gonna put in hair down to my bum....like Cher...only....like an shorter fatter albino Cher....with morals. And no Sonny.

If youre intrested in seeing exactally how this process works...check out this site..

I am uber excited!!

I <3 hair!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What We're Doing These Days.

Been a while since I last posted...thought I would do a little updating
Bailey and I are trying harder then ever to stay busy.
We've been doing alot of book swapping at www.paperbackswap.com .... thanks to our dear friend "Herb of Grace" Who turned us on to that..

We're also planning a first birthday party!
I never have been into "themed kiddie parties"
So this one wont be that way...really I just want it to be a nice get together with some cake...
No hats, favors, or whatever else :-p (I dont think :) )

I've been doing alot of hair lately as well....things have really been picking up for us in that department. Which is Great!

Im also on the brink of a wedding booked for the 11th of October...Lots of bridesmaids and a bride to do...so that will be great fun. I love weddings. And I love wedding Hair!!

I think the Hubby and I are headed to the annual "Harvest Festival" on Saturday. That should be fun...I think we are also going to a field day that the school his mom works for is having at the park...I love our park.

Well..... I know this hasent been terribly intresting..but its just a small update on how things are going.

I hope everyone out there is well and doing fine!!

Intresting post to come soon...I promise!

Friday, September 19, 2008


I ment to mention this in my last post.

today is...

National Speak Like A Pirate Day.

Well, shiver me timbers.

Silly I know...but I love "silly just because holidays."

Oddly, so does my husband. I KNEW i married him for a good reason.

I got him an eyepatch from the holloween section today at walmart.

So...make a point to say something in pirate speak today, my friends....lest ye walk the plank.

yo ho ho....

Things to do?

Hi all...
heres an update for ya's.
I have been terribly sick for the last 4 or so days....Im beginning to feel a bit better but still have that terrible sinus throb behind my eyes. ughh.

Bailey has suddenly went from not talking at all to an extensove vocabulary!

It includes:

'ight (light)
hi hi hi hi (hi)
behbeh (baby)
no no no no (no)
da da (daddy)


its cooler than i though it would be to hear her little voice for the first time..though she sounds strangely like a wizard of oz munchkin.

So what did or do you moms who stay at home with their babies do all day???
I guiltily say that I get board. Dont get me wrong. I make evey effort to keep a spotless house...and i spend a TON of time teaching and training Bailey. But some days...after ive woken up at 5:30...the house looks great...dishes are clean....laundry is folded..and Im sitting in the floor doing things with the baby and i think....oh...wow...its only 11:30.
Generally my husband dosent even get home till 7:00 pm...so by the time it rolls around I find myself struggeling to be in a good mood...

What do you guys do to stay busy with a 11 month old?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gas in Virginia...

My oh my. I just find it so funny to watch ignorant (nice word for morons) people. Here is VA apparently we had the potential to have a small gas crisis because of the pipeline being shutdown from friday to sunday...in order to avoid major damage from Ike. Well. Gas distributors here were instructed to hike the price of gas SLIGHTLY to deter people from buying alot over the weekend....that way we could ride it out and not have a gas shortage over the weekend. WELL apparently the good citizens of VA heard otherwise and freaked out.

SO much so that ALL of the 3.77 gas has been completely bought up....and when we do get more gas in our county...which could be several days maybe longer...it will cost us more than 5.00 a gallon. Heh. Ironic huh..

Theres actually already a place in town thats selling it for that much...they hiked wayyy up on perpose to stop all of their gas from being drained.

They are now just about the only ones with any gas to speak of.

At every gas station I passed yesterday there were cars hanging out into the highways in line for gas. It was being rationed to 10 gallons per person. The wait was 1 hour.

I would love to hear "unambiguously J's " comment on this...also herb of grace..is this happening up there???

Friday, September 12, 2008

A few things..

First, I dont really know how many of you knew our pastor(he preached my wedding)..But yesterday afternoon Pastor Saunders passed away after a bout with cancerous brain tumors. Shortly before this ..there had been a devide in the church that put entirely to much pressure on a man going through what he was. Though We are VERY saddened at the thought of being without him here...I am so glad he isnt suffering anymore...and that he is in the place he always talked about....with the lord.
Thank you Jesus for bringing a suffering man home. I know he is glad to be there.

So anyway..the last few days here have been rainy and SOOOO slow. I feel like a month should have passed by now. Im just doing a few haircuts here and there...I have a wedding booked for October.. that should be fun.

Bailey is growing at a tremendous rate...I cant believe she is about to be one in a short month.

Anyway...Pray for the saunders family...he has a wife and several kids left mourning the loss.
My father in law will be preaching the funeral. Pray for him as well.. he and pastor were very close..


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Above Rubies
Full Service Salon !!!
Yes ..its named "above rubies. " (I had to put SOMETHING on my business licence) Everyones a critic lemmetellya.

Firstly, As vanity oriented as this world is...I wanted it to be a small reminder of what women should really be striving for. Now how many salons will tell you that?! :)

Also..I was really trying to avoid something cheesy and obvious like "Hair by Faith." Though I do love a good pun :)
So here are some pictures of the finished product..though you should ignore the ugly plumbing ....Im in the process of making a cute skirt for my sink :)

Its not TOO purple is it?? While I was painting I was sort of freaking out...but i think i like it now! Even though it IS a little "barney."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What happened to "If youre happy and you know it?"

Sometimes ....watching childrens shows frustrate me. I understand that they are on a level for children and adults watching them would think "silly" or "immature" But REALLY. I was washing dishes and I left Bailey in the living room watching Dora the explorer...It went off and this came on. She REALLY liked it. Maybe a little to much...she was dancing and squealing and ...generally going crazy. Pay special attention to the second video you LOTR fans....Elijah wood has gone from Big Star to dancing on a kids show...nothing wrong with that...just made me giggle.



Please watch them...id like some imput. Would you let your kid watch this?? I dunno...I dont really appreciate the fact that they air kids bop commercials for my kid to see...


Well..After I returned home yesterday, I got out the Wii and put it on display..then I set two sofa pillows in front of it :) WELL...Mike has a guy cousin that got wind of me surprising him....so he and his sister and her boyfriend and mom and dad all showed up about..ohh..3 min before Mike got home. So when he pulled up he knew something was going on! Apparently the guys there were very excited about someone they know...having a wii. So mike sits down in the general vacinity of the Wii...and notices it....and the guys jump up..shout "SURPRISE!!! ITS A WII!! Congratulations man!!"...Like we just had a new baby or something. *sigh* Anyway...they were very excited and opened it...hooked it up and played for a long time. It didnt turn out quite the way I wanted but he was still thrilled.

Anyway...theres youre update :)


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wiisaster Area

Ok...no more cute wii puns. Promise.

Apparently getting a Wii isnt as east as one might think. I thought they were over abundant and could be bought most anywhere. ...Wrong-o.

I called EVERYWHERE. No one in this county has a Wii for sale. They said a factory shortage and christmas coming up is causing a Wii crisis. I laughed at the term "Wii crisis."

So I called a Wal-mart in a neighboring county...They had a shipment truck backed up to the door at the very moment I called with 2 Wii's coming off. A man was there already in line for one of them.

I sprang into action.

I grabbed my clothes shoes and baby and headed for the car. The normally hour drive took me ...meh...35 min or so. (Not good I know)

I stopped about halfway there , for about 18 seconds to pick up my self proclaimed video game guru brother so I would know what to buy.

Finally we arrived....Screaming baby in tow we dashed from the vehicle.

Walking briskly (ok running) to the electronics section ....I ran over a mans foot with my cart. Dont worry....I shouted a vauge apology over my shoulder.

I skidded to a halt and shouted ...slightly winded at the electronics woman.."WHERE ARE THE WII's?!?!"

She pointed and I followed....

I picked up the beautiful shiney white box....was tempted to kiss it.. and proceeded to the checkout where I felt like I was selling one of my kidneys for permission to take it home

But I got it.

And to add to my satisfaction...I looked snubly at a group of teenage boys who pointed at me and said...:"NO she got the last ONE!"


SO ...I will let you know how my surprise turns out!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lookiee What I Did.

Change Is a Teriffic thing. Just when you think youve fallen into a rut...you decide to do something different.

A prime example of why having 80 different possible haircolors in a closet in your home may not be the best idea.

But the Husband LOVES it...and I like it too. :)

By the way...while i am here let me put a little plug in for Paul Mitchells "the color" line..

this hair color....is FANTABULOUS.

If any of you watch "what not to wear"...this is the color line that they use..and mainly why I bought it.

It is the ONLY color with a beeswax base ..and it leaves NO damage...and the most shine ive ever seen on my or anyone elses hair...(look for yourself...i was actually getting a flash glare and had to turn it off. seriously) I know most people wouldent want to drastically change their color,....but for brunettes I HIGHLY reccomend just doing a nautral color coat for the shine and health perposes. It is soo rich and beautiful....I used a Mocha 1 1/2 oz lev 5 and a Mocha Nat 1 1/2 lev 6...and 20 vol...

To Wii or Not to Wii...

That is the question. My Darling husband is DYING for one of these. Apparently the "Nintendo Wii" Its the new it gadget. Im actually contemplating buying one.
My husband , when we got married...bestowed upon me the somewhat stressful task of managing his income, paying bills ..etc. This past week he actually worked 78 hours. I couldent believe it. His job has some sort of emergency out of town...and they had to fix it so...his check will be a good one this week. I asked him what he wanted me to do with the extra money. He sighed and said " Do whatever you normally do...Pay bills ...save some...maybe pay off our sofa"


I would really love to surprise his with this ...Wii thing.

Financially speaking it would be a really good time for me to do it....

I will let you know how my surprise goes.

I think I will pick it up when I get grocerys today and send him outside to carry in the "heavy bags...or milk or water jugs ,,," or whatever..and Instead let him find a Wii. :-D

Wont that be fun.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Onion Juice

Onions, along wth garlic and other naturally occuring vegetables extracts and whatknot, contain strong antibiotic properties..also antiviral antifungal and antimicrobial. That being said, A few of you may have heard about our recent trip to the pediatrician and then the ER with our baby..

Here is what ensued on that fateful day:
Bailey was running a feaver, I noticed it at Lowes and went straight home,...it was 102.somthing
so. I began to semi panic because she never really has been sick. She was tugging at her right ear and I assumed it was an ear infection
So we went to her pediatrican (who has now been fired btw)

Me: So? Is it an ear infection?
Dr. Evil: Yes, (as he removes odoscope from babys ear)
Me: Antibiotic then?
Dr. Evil: Well....She has an ear infection but I want to make sure she dosent have a urinary tract infection.
Me: What are the odds of that happening at the same time? Im pretty sure her fever is from the ear infection
Dr.Evil: Well If she has a urinary tract infection...she may have a very rare kidney disease.
Me: ....so what do you want to do?
Dr:Evil: well If you want a clean urine sample...we will have to cathe. Nurse, Get the catheter!

Me:...are you crazy? (yes I blurted that out...heat of the moment, people..) No way we are doing a catheter on a 7 month old baby who already has an ear infection and feels like crap.

Sooooo. It progressively went down hill from there. He yelled how irresponsible I was ...I yelled how crazy he was..and insensitive..and so all in all we wound up trying to catch urine in a sterile bag...but the urine never came.

All that being said...
Bailey has another ear infection as of yesterday with the same fever and symptoms.
But instead of rushing off to the dr...Ive been putting onion juice in her ears every hour or so.

Have you ever tried to get juice out of an onion? 'taint easy.
Anyway...we've been doing that and putting garlic packs on her ears while she sleeps.
and guess what?

No fever this morning. No symptoms...no nothing...happy baby with onion juice and cotton taped to her ears :) and it took less than 12 hours from beginning to end!

AND no aggrivating Dr....or antibiotics...or anything! PRAISE GOD.

So....if you have a child with an ear infection By all means...save yourself some trouble and use onion juice and garlic....it sounds crazy....but so is doing an unnececary cathe.

Instructions for Extracting Onion Juice and Utilizing it for curative perposes.

Step one: Brace Yourself....this is gonna be a long ride.
Step two: Peel and onion and grab your lemon zester, carrot peeler, cheese grater, or what have you.
Step three: Grate , dice, slice, food process etc...untill you have onion in the consistancy of pretty liquidy grits the onion chunks need to be a little on the biggish side...bigger than grits granuals anyway.

Step four: place said liquidy onion into a medical syringe and SQUEEEZE.. this may take anywhere between 5 min and 2 hours. Times and onions and arm strength may vary.

Step five: Suck up the juice....(NO ONION PARTICLES IN EARS) into a eyedropper or baby medicine dropper...
Step six: get your cotton and medical tape ready ...you will need 4 strips of tape aprox 4 inches long...bigger if your kid has big ears:)
Step Seven: Proceed to hold said kid down and their side and drip in half of your collected onion juice....4 drops per ear or so...you will be able to tell when the canal is full. Do this in both ears if you dont know which one is infected.
Step eight: After keeping them on their side as long as possible...put cotton in large part of ear...not in the canal and tape it down.
Step nine: After an hour or so...maybe two remove ALL cotton and dry ear...repeat process for a while even after the sympoms are gone...so you dont have a relapse...

Thank god for his healing creations!


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